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Lobo Soccer Academy

University of New Mexico Soccer Complex

Robertson Field
In an effort to continue the growing tradition of Lobo soccer, the University of New Mexico has reconstructed Robertson Field into a larger and more improved practice facility.

The field remains located adjacent to the UNM Soccer Complex, home of UNM soccer games, in the south athletic campus.

The grass was regraded and a new irrigation system was installed. In addition, UNM constructed a 12 foot tall fence with lockable gates on the west side of the field, sectioning off the area from the football practice fields to make Robertson a more distinct soccer training area exclusively for Lobo soccer.

With the size of the field now over 26,000 square yards, the Lobos have enough room to fit three regulation-sized soccer fields, giving them plenty of options on practice days.


Indoor Practice Facility
The University of New Mexico's Indoor Practice Facility (IPF) is a $7 million facility that was funded by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and members of the state legislature. It was designed by the Albuquerque architectural firm of Molzen-Corbin & Associates. The general contractor was The Jaynes Corporation of Albuquerque.

The facility measures 70 yards wide by 136.7 yards in length for a total of 86,100 square feet. This size encompasses a full football field with a 7-yard run-out on both ends and sides. The building is nearly 80 feet tall with 70 feet clear height along the ridgeline. It's constructed of a steel truss supporting members with a polyclad fabric in tension stretched over the steel superstructure and also lining the inside of the structure.

The bottom 12 feet of the outside is clad with steel siding panels. The building has steel doors for entries and exits as well as overhead coiling doors for convenience and ventilation during fair weather. The facility contains two filming towers, one at mid-field and one at the north end zone. The entire interior floor surface is FieldTurf.

Although the building fabric cladding has translucent properties, the building is designed to attain approximately 80 foot-candles indoors after dark.

UNM Soccer Stadium
The University of New Mexico men's and women's soccer programs begin their 10th season at the
UNM Soccer Stadium. The complex received $200,000 worth of renovations over the summer of 2001, including 1,300 cubic yards of brand new Bermuda Grass turf. The lush playing surface was installed over a special five-inch layer of tilled earth consisting of 75 percent sand and 25 percent soil. In addition, the crown of the field was substantially reduced and six new irrigation drains were installed.

In the second phase of construction, the men's and women's soccer locker rooms underwent dramatic renovations, including new lockers, carpeting and floor tiling, upgraded shower facilities and a redesigned lighting and ceiling structure. The new and improved locker rooms now provide both visiting and home teams with professional style accommodations.

Adjacent to the UNM Soccer Complex and L.F. "Tow" Diehm facility is spacious Robertson Field, which serves as the training center for the men's and women's soccer teams.

The lush Bermuda grass playing surface at the UNM Soccer Complex is carefully cut and treated before each game by UNM's sports turf specialists. The crew then applies the trademark cherry-red paw, welcoming fans and players to Lobo Country.

I-25 North or South to Cesar Chavez Ave. Exit east. Go 1 block past University Boulevard, turn right into the parking lot on the East side of the football and soccer complex.